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Help with bedwetting

Stay dry with intelligent sensor technology

Bedwetting at night can have many and varied causes and leave both the bedwetters and their parents feeling insecure. The helplessness itself can become a stress factor that increases physical pressure and worsens the problem. Therefore, it’s especially important to quickly and effectively find an aid to prevent this negative cycle or to break through it with successful experiences.

ENUTRAIN® is an effective method to control enuresis and to de-escalate the situation. At the same time, early successes support the motivation of the children to stay dry.

Enutrain Mobil: Sensor und Empfänger

Waking training that is foolproof

The most frequent reason for bedwetting at night is a waking-up disorder in the child. Interventional treatment with “bedwetting alarms” has existed for about 100 years. With our ENUTRAIN® mobile devices, we have significantly improved and modernized this method.

At the beginning of the treatment family support is very important, as many children will not wake up on their own despite the ringing of the alarm. With our ENUTRAIN® devices, we want to make the support as easy as possible for the parents by making it heard outside of the child’s bedroom, allowing the parents to step in.

Training success despite stress

Conventional betwetting alarms and mattresses cannot distinguish whether or not a child is beginning to wet the bed or is simply perspiring heavily. This is the main reason for false alarms during alarm therapy and the usual reason for the breaking off the treatment. Consequently, we have equipped our devices with a computer chip and a self-learning programming system. With this patented method, the dampness sensor on the body of the child logs the individual behavior and learns to distinguish precisely between perspiration and urination. This decisive advantage makes our device stand out and makes therapy significantly less stressful.

Certainty during the day

The mobile device is small and handy. The alarm can be easily carried in a pants pocket and allows ENUTRAIN® to be used throughout the day. This provides effective support even for children who show symptoms during the day.