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Enuresis: Weder Eltern noch Kinder sind schuld am Bettnässen! Ursachen und Behandlungsmethoden für Primäre und Sekundäre Enuresis.

Wissenswertes über Enuresis: Weder Eltern noch Kinder sind schuld am Bettnässen! Ursachen und Behandlungsmethoden für Primäre und Sekundäre Enuresis.Enuresis affects every seventh child

Nocturnal wetting (enuresis) can have many different causes and is unsettling for the affected children as well as their parents. After allergies, enuresis is the second most common health disorder in childhood. Up to 15% of first-graders are not dry at night.

With some of these children, the problem disappears by itself. For others, this behavior solidifies. The mounting helplessness could become a stress factor, increase the psychological pressure and intensify the problem. Therefore, it is especially important to quickly and effectively find an aid to prevent this negative cycle or to break through it with successful experiences.

A wet bed is not the fault of the parents or the child

There are two common forms of bedwetting:

Primary bedwetting
(Primary enuresis nocturna)
In primary enuresis nocturna, bedwetting exists from birth without any long dry periods. This is not an educational error! It is simply a normal variant of human growth and learning. Neither the parents nor the child are at fault for the situation.
Secondary bedwetting
(Secondary enuresis nocturna)
If the child relapses after five years of age and prolonged dryness (secondary enuresis), the psyche is often the trigger. Possible causes can be the birth of a sibling, troubles in the family or even out-of-family stress factors.

A common cause of enuresis are wake-up disorders

Ein häufiger Grund für Enuresis sind AufwachstörungenThe causes of primary enuresis are nowadays assumed to depend on a number of factors including a delayed maturation of the sleep-wake switch in the brain. Approximately one third of enuretic children can be distinguished from non-bedwetters by their inability to wake up.

In everyday speech, bedwetters with wake-up disorders are called “deep sleepers.” However, they sleep no more deeply than non-bedwetters. The difference is that the stimuli of a full bladder are usually suppressed by the central nervous system or responded to by waking up. In bedwetters, this response is unreliable.

Waiting is not a solution

Die Scham über das ständig feuchte Bett nagt am Selbstbewusstsein der Kinder und ist häufig eine Ursache für spätere Minderwertigkeitskomplexe.Parents seeking advice are frequently advised to wait a bit before beginning treatment. “The child will grow out of it,” they are told. This waiting can have fatal psychological consequences for the child, however. Studies have shown that, per year, only one out of seven bedwetting children will learn to stay dry with no therapeutic help. Without treatment, the problem can often persist for many years. The shame about the constantly wet bed can be a cause for later inferiority complexes.

We want to make parental support in handling enuresis as easy as possible with our ENUTRAIN® wake-up trainer
Increase self-confidence

No mother or father wants their child to have impaired confidence, especially when this consequence of bedwetting can be reliably prevented with ENUTRAIN®. A few months of joint effort by parents and child can ensure that this health disorder will soon become a thing of the past.

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If you do not know your child’s exact type of sleep, you can use our interactive checklist for optimal wake-up training. Click the picture to get to the form.

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The statements on our homepage on the causes and treatment options of enuresis are covered by scientifically founded publications. For further information please refer to our bibliographical references.

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