Wissenswertes zum Thema Bettnässen im Kindesalter

Assistance in handling nightly bedwetting

Wake up easily and in time with ENUTRAIN®

Assistance in handling nightly bedwetting

Wake up easily and in time with ENUTRAIN®

Enutrain: Kinderleichtes Wecktraining statt Bettnässen im Grundschulalter

There are many challenges for children on the way to an independent life. Staying dry, especially at night, is one of them. Some children need more support. Our wake-up trainer with intelligent sensor technology helps children of school age who still wet their bed to take this hurdle. Wake up in time with ENUTRAIN®.


»Mommy, my bed is wet!« Enuresis is a big burden for bedwetting children and their families.
ENUTRAIN® is a method to control nightly bedwetting. Thus, the situation is eased for the family. At the same time, initial successes support the child’s motivation.


Child-friendly wake-up training instead of bedwetting in primary school age

The most frequent reason for nightly bedwetting after the age of 5 is wake-up disorders. The intervening treatment with “bedwetting alarms” has been around for about 100 years. We have significantly improved and modernized this method with our ENUTRAIN® wake-up trainer.

At the beginning of the treatment family support is very important, since many children will not wake up on their own despite the ringing of the alarm. With our ENUTRAIN® wake-up trainers we want to make parental assistance as easy as possible, by being reachable and able to intervene even outside the child’s room.


Kinderleichtes Wecktraining statt Bettnässen im Grundschulalter

Intelligent sensor technology instead of unnecessary stress due to false alarms

Intelligente Sensortechnik statt unnötiger Stress durch Fehlalarme

Conventional bedwetting alarms cannot differentiate whether a child starts wetting or is just heavily perspiring. This is a main reason for false alarms during wake-up therapy against bedwetting. In most cases it is also the reason why the treatment is terminated. That is why we have equipped our wake-up trainer with self-learning programming.

In this method, a sensor continuously records the change in moisture. It learns to distinguish precisely between the development patterns of sweating and urinating typical for the child. This important advantage is a key feature of ENUTRAIN® and makes intelligent wake-up training less stressful than alarm therapy with conventional bedwetting alarms.

Dry through the night and confident during the day instead of … too late 🙁

The mobile device is <small and handy. This means that the alarm can be easily transported in one’s pocket and makes the ENUTRAIN® wake-up training feasible even during the day. ENUTRAIN® offers children with day symptoms unobtrusive support for dryness around the clock.

Enutrain Wecktrainer für Bettnässer

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