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The German company PROCON GmbH is a medical technology company with an emphasis on electrotherapy in the fields of enuresis (bedwetting) and incontinence.

PROCON ® Society for Continence and Rehabilitation mbH

Innovative technique for the therapy and rehabilitation of diseases and health restrictions.

We are a medical technology company with a focus on electrotherapy in the fields of bedwetting and incontinence. We are headquartered at the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. We develop and build high-performance devices for the stimulation of nerves and muscles. PROCON ®-devices are used successfully to handle many diseases worldwide, including for enuresis, urinary and fecal incontinence, disorders of bladder emptying after injuries to the spine, or restoration of muscle control after a stroke. We assist several thousand children and adults every year with innovative technology.

Much of the development work at PROCON ® is aimed at the treatment of childhood incontinence. Our aim is to provide an innovative product and ideal service for the wake-up training of your child with ENUTRAIN ®.


PROCON Gesellschaft für Kontinenzversorgung Rehabilitation mbH
Bramfelder Chaussee 41
D-22177 Hamburg, Germany

Phone: +49 40 600 198 50
Fax: +49 40 600 198 75


Register court: District Court Hamburg
Registration number: HRB 71310
VAT identification number in accordance with § 27a of the German Value Added Tax Act: DE 812761641

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In the treatment of enuresis, doctors, patients, and their parents jointly decide on the appropriate procedure. Our devices are usually used based on a medical prescription. We can only provide hints and an overview on our website about when the ENUTRAIN ® wake-up training can be useful as a treatment method. The use of PROCON ® medical devices always requires comprehensive consultation and instruction by a qualified and experienced specialist.

PROCON Gesellschaft für Kontinenz und Rehabilitation mbH: Innovative technique for the therapy and rehabilitation of diseases and health restrictions.MULTILINGUAL INFORMATION FOR PARENTS OF ENURESIS PATIENTS

The treatment success of wake-up therapy in bedwetting children depends to a large extent on support from the family. For immigrant parents, who are not yet able to understand the language and usage instructions in the respective language of the country, PROCON ® provides a large number of translations for download

Best regards from Hamburg

Your PROCON ® team
Dr. med. Albert Heimerl

Do you have any other questions about bedwetting or our ENUTRAIN® wake-up trainer? Feel free to use our free telephone consulting service!
We are available monday to friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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