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The ENUTRAIN wake-up trainer is a modern treatment method for bedwetting. Getting dry easily without any medication using intelligent wake-up training.

A life without bedwetting with ENUTRAIN ®

For a good night in dry sheets

In the treatment of bedwetting, family support is very important since many children wake up by themselves despite the alarm sounds.
Watch our short video to see how Max manages to wake up at night with the help of his parents through ENUTRAIN ®.

Wake up in time with ENUTRAIN ®

In the mind of many adults, getting dry is a matter of course, as easy as pie, so to speak. Because once you have learned to control your urge to urinate subconsciously during sleep and consciously control the emptying of the bladder, the walk to the toilet becomes a normality. Looking back, we cannot remember how we managed to get dry. This is why parents often do not know how to support their child in this learning process.

Assuming that “something is wrong with their child,” they turn to a pediatrician, a good and important step in the right direction, because only a doctor can recognize whether the wetting is a normal developmental delay or a serious disease. A detailed survey of parents and an examination of the child enable the doctor to decide whether the ENUTRAIN ® wake-up therapy will be a suitable treatment method against bedwetting.

How does my child learn to wake up in time at night*?

Bedwetting is caused by a combination of several factors, including the delayed maturation of the “sleep-wake switch” in the central nervous system. In this case, the ability to wake up is limited. Affected children will not wake up with loud noise either. “Light and deep sleepers” can be distinguished:

light sleepers
Although light sleepers change into a light sleep before wetting, they do not wake up in time without a wake-up signal. In the case of light sleepers, the ENUTRAIN ® receiver can usually be located in the child’s room from the beginning. Practice all the steps to prevent bedwetting the child is supposed to take independently at night with the child in advance. Monitor whether your child completes these steps completely during the first few nights.
deep sleepers
Deep sleepers do not react to noise and usually have to be awakened physically. This is where your support is required for wake-up training. Set up the receiver in your bedroom and wake up your child as quickly as possible after the alarm to accompany him/her to the toilet in time. As soon as your child reacts spontaneously, you can put the receiver in the child’s room.
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If you do not know your child’s exact type of sleep, you can use our interactive checklist for optimal wake-up training. Click the picture to get to the form. If an assessment of sleep behavior is still difficult or if your child is not able to carry out the jointly practiced steps of the ENUTRAIN® wake-up training yet, then select the treatment route for deep sleepers.

If your child is self-sufficient and takes the practiced steps, the receiver can be set up in the child’s room. If there are still problems, the child will need your support.

Wie lange dauert das ENUTRAIN® Wecktraining?How long does ENUTRAIN ® wake-up training take?

Each child is unique and the learning process varies. Some children reach their goal in a few weeks, others require several months. It is important to keep the time between wetting and waking up as short as possible for successful training and maturing of the “sleep-wake-switch” in the brain.

Intelligent wake-up training utilizes preemption for this purpose. In this body reaction, a few drops are emitted before the complete bladder discharge, which triggers the alarm. If your child then quickly gets to the toilet, the wake-up training intensifies.

Die Scham der Kinder mit Enuresis ist ein häufig unterschätztes Problem bei der WecktherapieBeing at ease and confidence instead of pressure or shame

The child being ashamed is a frequently underestimated problem with wake-up therapy. Especially older children would rather hide anything that reveals or reminds them of bedwetting. The feeling of shame also does not stop with the bedwetting alarm device, regardless if its design is particularly “cute.” Even young children have a good sense of what is not “cool,” and it is often unbearable for older children to have a bedwetting alarm strapped to them all night. The feeling of shame can significantly affect a child’s cooperation to wake-up therapy when it changes into aggression against the wake-up therapy device.

Freuen Sie zusammen mit Ihrem Kind über die sich bald schon einstellenden Erfolgserlebnisse im ENUTRAIN® Wecktraining!The less noticeable the technique of a wake-up trainer, the more “normal” the child will feel. The pocket with the ENUTRAIN ® sensor is hardly noticeable from the outside with the ENUTRAIN ® underpants. Children generally get quickly used to the small and light radio sensor and do not consider it as something foreign.

It is equally counterproductive to exercise disciplinary pressure on the child. Instead, try to encourage your child and strengthen his self-motivation. Relax! You will achieve the best results together with confidence and composure. Enjoy successes in the ENUTRAIN ® wake-up training together with your child!

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